Monday, January 7, 2013

TV cabinet to Table

I have always been one to hold onto things just in case they can be used again/in another way someday. Or until I get sick of the item hanging around and it finally goes to the tip.

I finally updated my TV cabinet (you remember back in the olden days when you had those BIG TV cabinets to hold those big backed TVs) yep I had mine way to long.

So the old cabinet was just moved into the garage until one day it would go to the tip. In it's current state it took up a lot of room so one adventurous afternoon, armed with a screwdriver and hammer that monstrosity came back into the house and I started to dismantle it.

It was a lot harder than expected. The bulk of it sat inside the metal frame and trying to get it apart on my own was definitely a challenge (especially at the time I had a pet rabbit who was very curious and almost got squished as I shifted it around)

I took apart what I could and got tough with the rest until it was in nice manageable pieces, apart from that frame. And back into the garage it went for....well...quite some time.

During this time I gave away my dining table to one of my sisters. The size of it suited her place better than her existing table, it was a perfect match colour wise and to be honest I could count on both hands the amount of times I had actually sat at that table for a meal over the past 6 years.

The cabinet top had been on my mind since I had taken it apart, it was in good shape, a new finish would help cover the small marks. shhhh it really wasn't me who put a hot votive holder directly on the polished surface.

A quick trip to ikea where I picked up some table legs then I grabbed a can of paint stripper and set to work.

I applied 2 coats of the gel paint stripper to get rid of most of the varnish and stain. I was happy to leave it a bit grotty looking. I didn't want the finish to be a complete painted surface, just a wash of white.

I watered down - just a little - some white paint left over from the previous owners (Cottontail I believe it was called) and white washed the table top. I choose to keep the edges and base of the table a more solid white.

After letting it dry. I attached the legs and..... ta da..... an almost finished table.

I do plan on touching up the sides one day, and applying a wax finish. But as it's really used as a bench in my dining area it can wait amongst the other unfinished projects in my house.

Now I do still have the glass door from the cabinet stashed away in the spare room just waiting for the right inspiration to come along..... any ideas????

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