Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And so it begins....

....with a little nervous twitter in my belly.

Well I have tentatively made the leap from follower to blogger. For quite some time I have been following other blogs and creating some of the amazing crafts and recipes from them. Family and friends who have had the chance to taste or experience what I have done/made even made a mess of  don't necessarily follow or blog themselves so it has come from their curiosity of where I have found these ideas that I am creating my own blog.

My goal is to continue baking and creating, and hopefully document along the way and give thanks to those who deserve it - those who have inspired me.

So where to begin.......

Today being January 1st brings me midway to the festivities of the season. December and January are always a busy time, not only do we have Christmas and New Years to celebrate there are many birthdays amongst my family and friends over this time including my own and this year there will be two new arrivals to celebrate soon amongst my friends.

So it is not a time to rest and relax as the 'main days' have passed.

This festive season has involved lots of baking and crafting time and I hope to share some of these adventures with you over the coming weeks. I just hope I have taken enough pics along the way to add a bit of colour to my posts.

On the subject of pictures today I made my own light box. I don't get a lot of natural light in my place so a light box will hopefully improve the quality of my photos. It's a bit primitive and it may not be complete yet as I took a short cut and will test it out soon. I may have to go back and complete it as I originally saw. Here is the light box tutorial post I saw a couple years back as to where I got the idea, although what I have done is a little different.

For now I wish you all a safe and fabulous 2013.

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