Monday, January 28, 2013

Home Made Cake Stand

Now here is a project that has been on the back burner for quite some time. 

I started it.

Left it to dry in the spare room - forgot about it - finally got myself organised to finish it when *POP* it all came undone.

So it was time to start again.

Across the land of Blog, many different cake stands tutorials are available to be made.

But here is my own tutorial for making a cake display stand from items found at your local discount store.

Apologies as I cannot find where I saved the link to where I originally found the idea.

I started out with a candle stick holder and fluted pie tin that I picked up at discount stores fairly cheap. 

If I remember correctly the candle stick was $1 and the tin $3. It was a bit of a search for a tin that had a complete base as all but this one had a removable base.

I originally tried to use hot glue to stick the candle stick to the tin, but alas it didn't work.

As has my other attempts to use hot glue on glass it just won't stick, I see lots of others who can make it work, but me, nope.

So next I used super glue.  

This is when I left it to dry for......6 months.... wow I just checked the dates on the photo's to get the answer.

During the six months I went and bought the spray paint, but even that didn't motivate me to finish it off.

So just after Christmas when I was packing up my decorations and I saw the cake stand sitting there I thought 'this is the day to finish it'. I picked it up and *POP* off came the candle stick.

OOPS.... the super glue didn't stick either.

On my next trip to the supermarket I picked up some epoxy glue, making sure the packet had both glass and metal on the list of what it will hold.

(and yes that little yellow mark under the candle stick is where I left the super glue tube and it stuck to the tin).

On a sunny summer day (for those not knowledgeable of the Melbourne area we can get all seasons in one day) I set myself up to glue this stand for the last time.

I mixed up the two parts and pressed the candle stick back into the center of the tin, and left that baby to dry.

The following day I made an improvised paint box and sprayed the base first.

Let it dry.

Flipped it over and sprayed the top using short bursts to ensure there were no runny bits.

I do hope to cover it with a varnish or sealer next just to protect it. 

I accidentally dropped a power plug on it and scratched it so it was re-sprayed just to touch it up.

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