Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tool storage in plain sight - part 1.

Living in a 2 bedroom unit, storage space is very valuable. I'm lucky enough to have a single car garage but space is minimal and often inaccessible when the car is in there.

I previously kept my tools in two baskets on top of the laundry cupboards. Handy and accessible when needing to do a little task but over time I have acquired more and more tools, bits and pieces etc. and these two baskets were overloaded. At Christmas I received my very own cordless drill (no more borrowing from family) and well it just would not fit in a little basket.

So time to create a new storage space.

I thought about getting a purpose built tool box and had eyed off one that my dad has in his garage, but it wouldn't be great room decor and as said before I wouldn't be able to get at it if it was kept in my garage.

I currently keep my sewing machine and accessories in a trunk in the living room that doubles as a side table and place to put my room decor etc.

I liked this idea for a giant tool box.

   Inside this trunk is my sewing machine

So I kept my eye out for a trunk. It took a while to find the right size and I found most had a fabric outer and I had my heart set on painting the trunk in some way.

I eventually found this trunk at 'Sam's Warehouse.'

I picked up some castor wheels to make sure this new toolbox would be portable and put my new cordless drill to use.

I started spray painting the trunk in violet, in light coats. and of course during coat 3 the can ran dry. I thought about making a quick trip to 'Bunnings' to grab a new can but the clouds heading my way put a halt to that so I had just enough time let the last coat dry before bringing it back inside. Hopefully tomorrow will be dry and I can finish the violet coat.

I may be linked up at these fab parties.

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