Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jute wrapped vases.

Leading up to my sisters 30th, she mentioned she was going to craft her vases so they would match and could she borrow my glue gun . . . In other words she would tell me what she wanted done then sit back while I did all the work.


I don't mind I love to craft.

I attempted to use hot glue, but as mentioned previously in my cake stand post, I just can not get hot glue to stick to glass. So with some basic craft glue liberated from my dads shed I swirled glue around the bases of each vase then wrapped each in jute, over lapping a few stands to make it 'rustic'.

At the 30th party these vases were spread along the tables with gravel in the bottom to hold up thin candles.

*WARNING* when using candles in glass make sure there is distance between the flame and glass. We did have one of the taller vases break when the candle tipped to the side.

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