Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welcome to the jungle!

So right now I'm laid up on bed rest, my lower back has been a problem for years, enough to give me grief a couple times a year, not enough so for surgery.

But it's when I can't do anything that the motivation to get tasks or projects done gets stronger. I will resist. I will get my bed rest. With a little help of my laptop maybe I can get a few blog posts sorted.

To start with I will share with you the transformation of my back yard. It's only little, but I could never keep on top of the upkeep. There was no back gate so to mow it the lawn mower needed to come through the house. It got neglected many times.

My bunny Hugo (dec.) loved the long grass, even my sisters dog would bound about when he came to stay.

I poisoned off the grass twice and it still grew back. I dug out 1/3 of it by hand, and it still grew back.

So the decision to replace the old fences was a great starting point to get rid of the grass. If it was going to go, best to do it before the new fences went up.

My brother in law came around one day with an awesome digger (my name for it, not his) and got rid of all the lawn. Then he and my dad spread out and compacted some 'crusher dust' to keep it mud free. A few weeks later my fences were replaced, just in time for the arrival of Toby the dog.

My decision for the yard was to pave around the fence line, install artificial turf and then place pots, troughs and wine barrels all over the paving to bring some plants back to the yard.

The current paving was really old, I was unable to match it. I was given some reclaimed pavers from around an old pool that were a similar colour and style but not the same size, and I was able to buy more reclaimed pavers from a local paving place that again were not matching in colour or size but were the same style. I don't mind though. It will be an eclectic collection of planters so the paving can be a mix too.

My dad installed the pavers. And then what had to be over two of the hottest days this summer he installed the artificial grass.

And I love it, and so does Toby!

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  1. Wow what a transformation. It looks great.

    1. Thank you Callie. I'm loving having a cleaner space that's easier to look after.