Thursday, March 7, 2013

Giant Easter Freckles

Chocolate freckles, yum one of the first things I pick out of a lolly mix. 

So long as it's decent chocolate. and by that I mean decent in my eyes (or taste buds). I am very fussy when it comes to chocolate, there are only a few brands I like, many big brands here in Australia I really dislike. It's not just the taste it's the melting texture that can have me cringing.

With Easter coming up it's time to drop a few hints of the two brands that are ok to give as gifts. Well in all honesty they are the same manufacturer, they just trade under different labels with Easter chocolate.

We are not big Easter gift givers anyway and over the past few years, we have had a family lunch sometime around the Easter long weekend, sometimes even the next weekend, due to family going away etc. 

I have been making Easter gifts for a few years now. Some haven't been great. But these chocolate freckles went down well.

I melted some milk chocolate over a double boiler and then poured it into small pizza trays. I sprinkled lots and lots of Hundred and Thousands on top and let them set in the fridge.

They easily popped out of the trays. I sealed each into a cellophane bag with a little bunny gift tag. I think I found the image by doing a simple image search.

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