Monday, April 6, 2015

Perfect draft free spot for proving dough.

Are you like me?

Running round the house with a bowl of dough trying to find a nice warm spot to leave it to rise?

I've used many spots depending on the days temperature. On or in the oven after it's been on. On top of the fridge wrapped in a bath towel. Sitting on the sideboard in a sunny spot. 

I found the perfect spot to keep my bowl or tray of dough to rise that stays nice and warm and is easily moved to keep out of the way so the rest of the kitchen is still usable. 

Inside the esky!

Now I know not many of my readers are Australian so for those of you across the pond it may be called a Chilly bin, cooler box or drinks chiller. 

It's a great spot that prevents drafts, keeps an even temperature and can be moved out of the way and leaves the oven free to be used for other baking. 

Inside I place a hot water bottle filled with hot water from the tap and a thermometer, although this is not a necessity I just like to keep a bit of an eye on how warm it gets. 

I will place my bowl of dough in one side and the hot water bottle on the other, not touching and pop on the lid. 
When the dough has risen and is then shaped into a tray I then place a cooling rack over the hot water bottle to prevent the tray touching the heat directly and place the tray on top. 

This has resulted in great dough each time. 

Give it a go for yourself. 

I also used (as pictured) a polystyrene box with lid instead of the esky when I didn't own an esky yet. 

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