Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quirky pot plant

I needed something extra for a Secret Santa gift. 

The recipient is a little quirky in the most endearing way, and I had in mind a dinosaur pot plant. 

However several stores later and even recruiting family and friends I wasn't able to find the right sort of dinosaur for the task. 

I will apologise now, I completely forgot to take pictures of the first quirky pot I made, during its process. So the steps are of the second one I made. 

I picked up an animal pack at a discount store (although a little smaller than what I was wanting) plus a can of spray paint that also sticks to plastic and a succulent plant at the hardware store. 

I used a box cutter/ Stanley knife to cut a piece of the back out. 

This was rather easy but please remember to always cut away from your body just in case the blade slips. 

I sprayed the toy with a couple of coats for paint, left it to dry. 

And planted in the succulent. 

A quirky little plant holder to sit on a desk or windowsill for a person in your life who has a great sense of humour or just young at heart. 

I made another for a friend who was helping me out trying to find a dinosaur as she couldn't quite picture what I was trying to achieve. 

I base coated with the blue then top coated with chrome. Just in case the chrome colour didn't stick to plastic. 

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