Saturday, July 20, 2013

M.I.A & Cherry Ripe Brownie Bar.

I cannot believe it has been 3 months since my last post. I have baked, crafted, sewn & DIYed and none of it has made it to my blog yet.

I can't even blame a busy life or holiday as to why it has been so long... I just had a little hiatus. 
But as its winter here in Melbourne I might as well use the cold wet weather to stay in and catch up on my blogging. 

Where to pick up again???

I've had a look through my photos and there is a bit to choose from. 

So I think the first thing I'll share is the last thing I made. 

My dad is a big influence in what I bake, he loves to create in the kitchen just as much as I do, so each week there is a new email of a recipe he'd like me to try out. 

So here it is....

Cherry Ripe Brownie Bar. 

The recipe came from

I followed it almost exactly, the differences I had were:

1. I used a loaf pan as I could not find a bar pan to the dimensions stated

2. The brownie needed to be baked about 10min longer (although I believe it's my oven to blame, not the recipe)
Fingers crossed some time in the next month my new oven will be delivered and installed.

It was very rich and sweet, so it's ok that it's only small, it goes a long way. 
It would be great to take as a slice to share with friends, it is best made the day before as it does take some time, but it is sooo worth it. 

I may be linked up at some of these parties.

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